Stay with Us for the Carlisle Car Show

Every summer, Carlisle is home to numerous fun PA events local residents, college students, and vacationers can all enjoy. While there are tons of things happening in the area, one of the biggest and most anticipated events each year is the Carlisle Car Show, also known as the Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals. Keep reading for more details and convenient Pennsylvania lodging accommodations!

Carlisle Car Show: Older Camero with hood open

Carlisle Car Show Details

Usually held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, just 5 minutes from our Pennsylvania hotel, this event space sets the stage for cars of all kinds. With over 1,000 Chevrolet vehicles and their owners, from classic cars to modern models, car lovers alike can participate and be amazed. Some of the featured automobiles car enthusiasts have seen in the past including 1969 Pontiac GTOs, El Caminos, classic Corvettes and Camaros.

Example Event Guide

Although the car show caters to automobile lovers, all attendees will find something to enjoy. Some past events have included:

  • The Bandit Jump Event
  • NPD Show Field
  • Featured Vehicle Display and Special Guest Info
  • Collector Car Auction details
  • Seminars and Vendors
  • Car Corral
  • Nitrofest
  • Cash Grab
  • Women’s Oasis
  • Car ride alongs
  • And more!

Car Show Luxury Lodging

Room 436 at The Smith Steiner - bed, fireplace, hardwood floors

If you’re planning a special weekend trip from DC, Pittsburg or Philadelphia to attend the car show, make sure to check our open availability calendar. Why not make your stay in Pennsylvania a fun, comfortable and relaxing vacation the whole family will enjoy? We have four luxury Carlisle bed and breakfast rooms to choose from, with convenient access to the town and Carlisle Fairgrounds, where the car show is held.

Book your stay and have a blast at the Carlisle, PA Car Show!